Networking Solutions

We have the expertise to handle all aspects of wired and wireless network management including designs, deployments and integrations. Our services include:

  • Site survey

  • Network Audit

  • Network design and implementation

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Troubleshooting

IoT/IIoT Solutions

We take pride in introducing IoT ecosystem to lot of diverse organisations and provide end to end services, starting from advisory, solution design, implementation and ongoing maintenance. Our IoT services include:

  • IoT strategy and planning

  • IoT devices supply, installtion and configuration

  • Software Platforms

  • Insight and Analytics

Managed Services

Our team can provide tailored Managed Services to become fulltime, day-to-day maintenace partner of your IoT infrastructure and ensure that it is constantly monitoried, maintained and secured. We provide:

  • Regular health check for network and devices

  • Alerts monitoring, proactive maintenance ensuring maximum uptime

  • Device firmware updates

  • Identification of continous improvement ideas


01 / FAST

Our IoT devices are designed for low cost, retrofit solutions in remote locations with automatic setup. We bring our own network which can work in 95% of populated locations globally, indoor or outdoor – out of the box, no customisation required.


Information security is fundamental to our devices and solution. All devices supplied and installed are fully secure and sensor data is encrypted using 128 Bit WES with CBC

03 / EASY

Majority of our sensors do not require any specialised skill for installation. Sensors are pre-configured to connect to gateway automatically without any complicated setup.Your existing maintenance staff can be easily trained for ongoing maintenance, eliminating the need to increase headcount.



How our solution can help conserve resources, increase yields and improve quality

  • Precision agriculture using multitude of devices to measure soil moisture content, air quality, humidity, temperature

  • Create live "map" of your farm and get real-time information about multiple parameters

  • Control irrigation and determine ideal harvesting times, through analysis of data collected from various sensors

  • Automatic alerts, warnings and reminders to keep you one step ahead

  • Real-time live stock tracking, herd movement patters

Benefits for farmers

  • Conserve energy, water through precision irrigation. Reduce waste, increase revenue

  • Prevent crop loss through predictive analysis and act on root cause in a timely manner

  • Predictive decision making using data analysis and patterns recognition

  • Better compliance management through 24/7 monitoring of pesticides application, crop quality, and crop maintenance


Cold Storage

How IoT sensors improve efficiency of your Cool Rooms & Freezers

  • Real-time monitoring and control of your cold storage assets

  • Ability to define thresholds for different kind of cold storage (freezer, chiller, cooler)

  • Immediate alert to technician in case of equipment failure or temperature fluctuations

  • Capture historical data for compliance reporting and trends analysis

Benefits for asset owner/managers

  • Real-time data availability; eliminate the need for manual readings

  • Respond and rectify failures onsite within hours rather than days

  • Reduce loss of perishable goods and lower chances of flow on consumer health effects from consuming spoilt or contaminated goods

  • Franchisors can keep an eye on cold storage practices of franchisee and ensure that prescribed standards are maintained

  • Accurate data logs of temperature and humidity, quick and easy compliance reporting


Pumps and Motors

How IoT sensors can detect failure and improve up-time

  • Monitor vibration patterns and signatures to identify existing or potential failure

  • Detect vibrations due to common issues such as imbalance, looseness and misalignment

  • Detect excessive heat and vibrations caused by worn drive belts, gears, or roller bearings

  • Detect excessive current draw due to motor overload

  • Instant alerts and notifications, on detection of an issue or error state

Benefits for operators

  • Reduce costs associated with manual readings and site visits

  • Predict and prevent failure through data analytics and patterns monitoring
  • Improved up-time and continuous functioning through constant monitoring and proactive maintenance

  • Real-time, 24/7 data availability. Historical data can be used for trends analysis


Utilities Monitoring

How IoT sensors automate utilities reading and reduce usage

  • Retro-fitted sensors on existing electricity, gas and water meters to provide continuous data feed

  • Monitor at meter, sub-meter or appliance level; detailed energy consumption

  • Outages and faults monitoring; real-time alerts for prompt action

  • Identify faulty equipment and repair/replace to reduce usage

Benefits for operators

  • Real-time, 24/7 data availability. Historical data can be used for trends analysis 

  • Reduce costs associated with manual readings and site visits

  • Reduce usage and costs by proactively eliminating faulty equipment or changing usage behaviours
  • Gain the ability to collate data from all locations to create benchmarks and identify problem sites or systems with excessive usage
  • Instant alerts/notifications on detection of faults or usage thresholds
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